Design Stories

There’s more than meets the eye in every Paper-Oh notebook. Get insider details on our design decisions and inspirations here.

Our Favourite Features


We officially launched on January 25th, 2014 and since then our team members have been familiarising themselves with these new notebooks by using Paper-Oh at work. We know that browsing online or in a store doesn’t always give the full picture of a product, and it’s not until you’ve actually brought it home and had a chance to try it that the real benefits become apparent. Because the truth of every story really lies in the details, we thought we’d share you with some of our favourite features that have revealed themselves over this past year.

Lay-Flat Binding

May and Lish from our Vancouver office always remember to stop and appreciate our innovative spine scoring technique that allows Paper-Oh book blocks to lie completely flat when opened. When looking at a closed notebook in a shop it’s easy to forget just how annoying a non-lay-flat binding can be, but try typing notes from a journal that keeps closing and you’ll be instantly reminded!

Shimmering Covers

The subtly shimmering colours of our Puro and Yuko-Ori covers never fail to catch the eye of Sarah in our Dublin office. “At the moment I’m carrying around a Puro Plum in A6. I like the simplicity of it, the lgooth feel of each new page and the fact that it lies completely flat on my desk, of course, but the feature I keep coming back to is its depth of colour. The fact that the cover shimmers in a way most books wouldn’t makes this collection all the more special for me.”


While it may seem like naming “magnets” as a feature would require little else in the way of explanation, in reality there’s so much more to it than that. Magnet closures were the subject of Paper-Oh designer Nadine’s final project at the Academy for Design in Germany, and these features are instrumental to the structure of the Paper-Oh line. It’s easy to overlook these shiny additions because they’re hidden between the flap and front cover, but they’re truly a foundational part of any journal with a fold-over edge. These magnetised flaps not only protect the page edges of many of our notebooks but are highlighted by the satisfying *snap* the magnets create when connected.


If you’re going to carry a notebook around with you every day, one would hope that you like the way it looks. Beyond that, though, is the feel of this book in your hands. LJ from our Seattle office perfectly sums this up for us: “For me it’s all about the tactility – from the highly textured Ondulo to the ‘satin’ finish and subtle emboss of the Puro, there’s something meditative and comforting in the way Paper-Oh notebooks feel. And because all the covers are made from pliable paper, you really do get to make it your own (excellent for keeping idle hands and a creative mind occupied!).”


When we asked Yoko and Airi in our Japan office what they liked best about using their new Paper-Oh notebooks, there was no hesitation in their response: “Lightness!” For these team members, the lightweight, slim designs make the books ideal for carrying around all day, meaning it’s always easy to have your journal on hand!